Most Valuable Scrap Car Parts

What Are The Most Valuable Scrap Car Parts

Cash In on Your Scrap Car: Discover the Most Valuable Parts!

In 2018, the average lifespan of vehicles in the US reached a record high of 11.8 years old, marking a 4% increase in their service life over the past five years.

Furthermore, experts predict that by 2021, around 84 million vehicles will be at least 16 years old. While these numbers are impressive, driving a car that’s over a decade old isn’t very practical. These vehicles consume more fuel and are prone to frequent breakdowns.

If your car fits these descriptions, you might want to consider selling it for parts. The valuable parts on a scrapped car can already fetch a few hundred dollars, which can then be used to contribute towards a safer and better-performing new car.

Are you interested in learning more about selling a car for scrap? If so, let’s dive right in!

Reasons to Consider Scrapping Your Car

As your car ages, it tends to consume more fuel. Additionally, with prolonged ownership and usage, its parts approach the end of their lifespan. This results in a higher likelihood of costly repairs and maintenance.

If you find yourself making frequent trips to the mechanic, the accumulated costs might exceed the actual value of your vehicle. If your car has been in the repair shop multiple times within a short span, it might be more practical to consider scrapping it. Read more about scrap cars vs Repair cars.

It’s important not to neglect necessary repairs, though, as driving a faulty car can increase the risk of accidents. In fact, between 2005 and 2007, vehicle failure was responsible for over 44,000 car crashes.

Decaying and corroding car parts have negative impacts on health and the environment. Exposure to heavy metals, for example, can lead to poisoning and cancer.

These metals and other chemicals from vehicles can also contaminate soil and water, causing diseases and deaths in humans, animals, and plants. Additionally, vehicle part corrosion contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.

These reasons should be enough for you to sell it for cash for cars. If you have the skills and time, you can also dismantle your car and sell its parts individually. Now, let’s explore this comprehensive list of scrap car parts that you can sell to make some money.

Reasons to Scrap Your Car

The Engine: A Highly Valuable Component for Scraping in a Car

One of the most valuable car parts to scrap is the engine. Replacing a car engine can be very costly, so many people opt for the secondhand market. The same goes for transmissions. If your engine is still functioning, it could be an easy sell for someone in need of a replacement.

Even if your engine is no longer functional, it can still have value. You can often scrap it for aluminum, which is more valuable than steel. Make sure not to overlook any aluminum parts on your old car.

Engines can be valuable but require some preparation. If you’re not selling the car as a whole, you’ll need to remove the engine, drain the fluids, and transport it to the junkyard. Getting help from a mechanic is often the best approach.

Sell a Junk Engine

A vehicle’s engine is responsible for transforming an energy source, such as fuel or electricity, into motion. The most prevalent and straightforward method employed by cars is the combustion of fuel within the engine. This process of internal combustion generates an immense amount of energy in the form of expanding gas.

The engine effectively utilizes the energy from the combustion of gas to set various components in motion, including gears, valves, and pistons. Subsequently, this energy is transmitted to the transmission system, which in turn imparts the power necessary to propel and maneuver the wheels.

A malfunctioning engine component, whether it’s a spark plug, oil pump, or piston, can disrupt the combustion process. As a result, your engine may overheat, emit strange noises, or fail to start altogether.

Considering the critical functions it performs, it’s evident how invaluable a vehicle engine is. In fact, a complete engine rebuild can incur costs of up to $4,000, while opting for a full engine replacement can amount to as much as $7,000.

To maximize your earnings when scrapping a car, start by selling its engine. This crucial car component holds significant value, and there are two effective methods to monetize it.

Target Engine Rebuilders

If repairs can revive your engine, you can sell it to rebuilders or remanufacturers. After passing inspection, the company will repair and resell it. These engines, technically considered used, are priced lower than brand new OEMs, making them highly sought after by buyers in need of engine replacements.

Scrap the Metal

Even if your engine is completely non-functional, you can still profit from its metal parts. Many engines contain valuable aluminum components, including engine blocks and heads. Notably, aluminum holds a higher value compared to steel as well.

Scrap Car Metal

Transmission System

The automotive transmission market is projected to be worth $109.36 billion globally. Experts predict that by the end of 2026, this value will skyrocket to an astonishing $130.25 billion. These figures unequivocally demonstrate the immense value of transmission systems. After all, they are the mechanism responsible for transmitting the engine’s energy to the wheels.

Simultaneously, it regulates the energy flow to ensure that the vehicle maintains a safe speed. This mechanism empowers you, the driver, with the ability to control the power delivery, allowing you to adjust your ride’s pace to your liking.

In this regard, a transmission system plays a vital role in maintaining the vehicle’s speed within safe limits. Without this crucial component, your ride would be confined to a single gear, forever stuck at its maximum (or minimum) velocity.

If you can manage to get your car moving, that is. The transmission system plays a crucial role in converting the engine’s power into torque, which in turn propels the rotation of your wheels. Without torque, your car simply won’t budge.

Experiencing gear slipping, a distinct burning odor, or fluid leaks are indicative of a faulty transmission. Ignoring these issues will inevitably lead to your vehicle’s inability to shift gears.

Sell the entire system in its entirety

If your transmission system is still repairable, you have the option to sell it in its current condition to car parts buyers. Certain car repair shops may even propose to purchase it from you if you prefer not to bear the burden of its substantial repair costs. Similar to used engines, there exists a market for pre-owned transmission systems as well.

Turn Metal Parts into Cash

Aluminum is a widely used metal in transmission system cases, accounting for up to 85% of its composition. Additionally, steel, cast iron, aluminum, and brass are commonly employed in transmissions.

Turn Car Metal Parts into Cash

Catalytic Converter

Did you know that the U.S. Clean Air Act played a pivotal role in the development of catalytic converters? This legislation, enacted in response to the need for reduced vehicle emissions, mandated a 75% reduction in emissions for 1975 model vehicles.

Since then, catalytic converters have become an indispensable component in all vehicles. Their primary function is to mitigate the harmfulness of vehicle emissions by minimizing the production of pollutants.

These devices play a crucial role in reducing air pollutants such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxide. These pollutants pose significant threats to both our health and the environment, with their emissions being closely linked to global warming.

Catalytic converters, being a vital component in cars, have become a prime target for thieves, explaining their popularity among them. In fact, US police receive approximately 4,000 reports of catalytic converter theft each year.

Regardless of the path you choose, replacing a catalytic converter can result in a hefty expense of up to $2,000. Instead of facing this financial burden, along with all the other costs associated with repairing your old vehicle, why not consider scrapping it?

It’s important to note that selling a used catalytic converter is generally illegal. In fact, according to the EPA, vehicle owners are prohibited from removing a catalytic converter from their cars.

You can actually sell a catalytic converter as scrap material. Nowadays, most converters are made with valuable metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium. It’s not uncommon for these converters to contain at least 4 to 9 grams of such materials. To get the best price, it’s recommended to sell your converter at a car scrap yard. Catalytic converters play a significant role in determining the value of a junk car, so it’s important to check if your vehicle has one intact. Discover how catalytic converters can impact the price of a junk car.

GPS System

Although smartphones have become the go-to GPS system for many, selling a car’s built-in GPS system could provide a lucrative opportunity, adding a few hundred dollars to your bank account. Even if you own a portable system, including it when selling the car can give you a little financial boost.


When it comes to car parts, fenders often slip our minds until our vehicles are brand new or suffer damage. However, fenders serve a crucial purpose: safeguarding the wheel wells and undercarriage of our cars. In modern vehicles, the fenders and bumpers are intricately connected, leading to expensive replacement costs. Consequently, many individuals opt for used fenders, as purchasing from private sellers tends to be more affordable while still benefiting the seller.


Unless you happen to be operating an off-road Jeep Wrangler or a delivery truck, it is highly unlikely that you would willingly traverse the roads without the presence of car doors. Doors not only offer evident protection against the elements, but they also hold considerable value when the time comes to disassemble your vehicle.

Although a car door may seem like a single entity, it comprises various individual components such as window controls, mirror controls, lock/unlock buttons, and sheet metal. Interestingly, these components can be sold separately, allowing you to maximize your profit potential. Additionally, given the high demand for replacement doors after car accidents, your doors can serve as valuable spare parts.

Even if only certain components of your doors are functional, such as the locks, handles, or side mirrors, there is still a potential market for these parts as well.

Car Doors


We’ve all encountered those cars that are nearly flawless, except for a cracked, dented, or absent bumper. In modern vehicles, the bumper is typically composed of a complex assembly of aluminum, steel, fiberglass composites, and plastic. This combination of materials effectively minimizes the impact of low-speed collisions, reducing the potential for damage.

Depending on the make, model, and year of your vehicle, a well-maintained bumper could fetch you a few hundred dollars. For instance, if your car has been rear-ended, your front bumper might still be in impeccable condition.

Alternatively, if your make or model is popular, there will likely be many individuals seeking replacement bumpers for their cars after accidents. Even if the opposite holds true, this can prove advantageous.

For instance, when your car model is no longer produced, locating spare parts becomes significantly more challenging. Consequently, if you happen to possess these parts, they can be swiftly acquired by someone actively searching for them.

Bumpers, being prone to damage in car accidents, consistently remain in high demand.


While selling the battery itself to a scrap car removal company may only yield a modest $20, recycling it serves a greater purpose – safeguarding the environment from harmful chemicals. Another option is refurbishing the battery using distilled water and Epsom salt, which could potentially extend its lifespan by approximately 5 years. This not only reduces waste but also provides a sustainable solution for battery usage.

Air Conditioning

Being stuck in a car without air conditioning is a real bummer. Thankfully, even if the rest of your car is on the fritz, you can still make some money. Air conditioning system parts, such as the compressor and condenser, can be sold or reused in another vehicle. Just make sure to have a mechanic remove the parts before selling them.

Air Bags

If your car has been totaled without deployed airbags, you could potentially sell the unused airbag. While the airbag itself can be replaced for a couple hundred dollars, proper installation can cost closer to $1,000. To save money in the long run, some people choose to buy unused airbags. With the right approach, sellers may be able to get up to $200.

New cars come equipped with multiple airbags, including valuable ones like the steering wheel airbag and the front passenger airbag. Removing airbags requires expertise due to their explosive nature, which can cause serious injury if mishandled. Additionally, damaged airbags lose their value as scrap parts.

Unused Airbags

Windshield Wiper Arms

While selling a windshield wiper arm may not bring in a significant amount of money, every dollar counts, doesn’t it? Depending on your car model, you could potentially earn up to $65 per windshield arm.y


In reality, a truck’s tailgate may not seem remarkable, but when it comes to selling vehicle parts, a well-maintained tailgate can fetch a couple hundred dollars. If you have a customized or specialized tailgate installed on your pickup, you can potentially make significantly more than that.

Motor Oil & Oil Filters

While recycling oil filters and engine oil may not yield a significant profit, it’s crucial to dispose of them properly. Engine oil doesn’t actually wear out; it simply becomes dirty. By bringing it to an authorized recycling station or garage, you’re ensuring its usability for future car owners. The same principle applies to oil filters, which can be cleaned, refurbished, and reused after the oil has been extracted.


Driving a car without a working radio is frustrating, especially when there are no major mechanical issues or a broken A/C. If you’ve upgraded your car’s radio system, selling the old one could help you recoup some extra cash.

If you have a custom audio system or speakers in your car, they are valuable parts of your car’s interior. You can sell the radio online to someone looking to upgrade their car, in addition to scrapyards. Even stock standard audio systems are in demand and can be installed in other cars, so it’s worth keeping them for resale value.

Infotainment System

In 2019, 80% of cars sold in the US were equipped with a dashboard touch screen. Even in 2014, over 50% of vehicles sold came with these techy devices.

Infotainment systems have gained popularity due to their versatile features. With audio and video interfaces, they make controlling vehicles easier and safer. Additionally, their hands-free capabilities help minimize distractions while driving.

You can sell a functional infotainment system at car accessory shops, pawnshops, and electronics stores. A complete set with navigation, touch screen display, and stereo will have a higher value. Another option is looking for buyers online through driver forums and social media.

Although it may take longer, individual buyers are often willing to pay more for quality tech. Keep in mind that brand new infotainment system upgrades can cost up to $1,290.

Even if some parts are no longer functional, you can still sell them for their valuable content. This includes electrical terminals, motherboards, and the metal inside wires. The glass and plastic components are also recyclable and can be sold.

Infotainment System

Wheels and Tires

If you can safely remove them, you can sell the entire wheel setup (including rims and tires) to individual buyers. The more valuable your wheels are (like aluminum alloy), the more cash you can get. However, even steel wheels are worth something to auto salvage yards. To make a good profit from your tires, they need to have good tread condition and be relatively new.

Large tires, such as those from an SUV or GMC truck Scrap Cars, can fetch even more money in the secondhand market. Like a few other items on this list, selling your wheels, tires, and rims might seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. You might not think your worn-out wheels and rims hold much value, but for a car enthusiast or modification specialist, your old vehicle might have the parts they need.

This is particularly true if your vehicle has aluminum wheels. Here are a few ways to sell the wheels and tires of your car.

Fully functional set of wheels and tires available for sale.

If both the rubber and the wheel are in good condition, you can offer them as a set to buyers who own the same make and model of car. This approach also simplifies the process of dismantling your car, as you only need to remove the entire wheel. There’s no need to separate the tire from the wheel.

Sell the rubber and wheel as separate items

If you’re considering using the wheels for another vehicle, you have the option to sell the tires separately. This can be a profitable approach, especially if you find a buyer who is solely interested in the wheels. In such cases, you can sell the tires that are in good condition, showing even wear and no signs of being worn out, to junk car removal services. This way, you can maximize your earnings while catering to the needs of different potential buyers.

Scrap Both the Tires and the Wheels

Even if your tires and wheels are worn or damaged, they still hold some scrap value. Although they will be recycled, don’t expect to make a fortune out of them. Nevertheless, it’s a responsible way to ensure that your unwanted car parts don’t contribute to landfill waste.

It is important to note that California alone produces a staggering 51 million reusable and waste tires annually. This statistic is just for one state, so one can only imagine the astronomical number of discarded tires throughout the entire Canada.

Scrap Car Tires and Wheels

Car Seats Can Be Scraped

The seats of your car, both in the front and rear, can be valuable components to sell in a junkyard. If your car’s seats are still in good condition, they can be highly sought after by individuals seeking replacements. Over time, car seats can deteriorate, losing padding, becoming stained, or ripping. Therefore, a car seat in good condition holds significant value.

To begin, locate a nearby auto recycling.


Radiators play a crucial role in a car, preventing engine overheating by circulating coolant. Not only are they valuable when functioning properly, but they also contain significant amounts of aluminum, just like the engine. This presents an opportunity to generate quick income as cash for unwanted cars. Before selling, ensure to drain the coolant and remove the radiator from the vehicle.


Automotive glass holds immense value as a crucial spare part. Even in minor accidents, it tends to shatter, making it an essential replacement component. Windshields, as well as windows, often succumb to damage from rocks or hail, prompting many individuals to search for suitable glass substitutes.

Air Conditioning System Recycling

Certain components of an air conditioning system, such as the compressor and condenser, can be valuable assets. These parts have the potential to be repurposed in another vehicle or utilized elsewhere. It is advisable to seek the assistance of a mechanic to properly extract these parts before they can be sold.


If the headlights and taillights of your old car are not cracked or broken, you can likely sell them as spare parts. High-end lights, such as Xenon lights, tend to have a higher value. It’s important to note that car headlights are prone to breaking in accidents, which is why many buyers seek new lights.

Unscratched Car Headlights

Transform Your Old or Unused Car Into a Lucrative Source of Immediate Cash!

Behold, your comprehensive guide to the most valuable car parts for scrapping. As you can discern, there is a plethora of components within your vehicle that possess value, regardless of its age or operational status. Should you possess the requisite time, skills, and tools, consider dismantling your car and selling these individual parts.

It is imperative to note that disassembling the car is not the sole factor demanding your time and attention; extensive research into the worth of each part is essential as well.

In addition, the process of finding a buyer for the vehicle parts can be quite time-consuming. While parting out the vehicle yourself can potentially yield higher profits, if you’re seeking a convenient and prompt solution, reaching out to a junk car buying company might be your best option. Reputable companies like Pro Scrap Car Removal offer junk car towing services, swift pick-up, and immediate payment for your vehicle.

If you prefer not to get your hands dirty, the easiest and quickest option is to sell your entire car. This way, you can avoid any laborious work and prevent mistakes that could diminish the value of your car parts.

Are you ready to sell your car, whether it’s used, junk, or totaled? We’re here to assist you! Get an instant best offer to your junk car right now and discover the true worth of your car!


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