Scrap A Car Without Keys

Scrap A Car Without Keys?

Can I Scrap A Without Keys?

Most people think that car recycling is just too much of a hassle. Wrong! One of the most asked questions about scrap car removal relates to the issue as well; Can I scrap a car without keys if I lost them?

To answer the question straight-up: Yes, it can.

There is a big possibility of losing the car keys if your vehicle is literally rotting away in some abandoned land or the old garage of yours. Once you misplace the keys, you might end up thinking that your car is far beyond saving. As leading auto wrecker Vancouver, we are telling you that it is not as serious an issue as you think. You can still scrap a car without keys.

Relax; losing your car keys is not the end of the world. When it comes to junk car removal, mistakes like this are always repairable. Let’s dive in and discuss everything you need to know about getting cash for scrap cars without keys.

What If I Lost My Car-Keys?

In the absence of car keys, you will need either of these documents for a car recycling company to issue cash for cars in Vancouver.

  • Vehicle registration that proves you are the legal owner
  • Vehicle logbook with your details on it
  • A receipt from when you purchased the vehicle

If you have neither of these with you, there is still one option left. You can get a vehicle history check done by the Vancouver scrap car removal company. However, the cost of doing the history checkup will be reduced from the estimated value of your scrap car.

The important thing is, losing your key is not the end of it. Junk car removal comes with an array of other options you can choose.

Will I Get A Lesser Amount Of Cash If The Keys Are Lost?

It is possible that cars without keys will receive a comparatively less amount from a scrap car removal company. The main reason for this is the reduced accessibility. Also, they will have to make replacement keys in order to remove recyclable, re-sellable and re-usable parts.

Important: When it comes to newer car models, the Engine Control Units (ECU) of these are made and programmed individually for each vehicle. This means that the original key is possibly the only key that could get the engine running. It is mandatory that the replacement keys match the ECU exactly. This is why it is quite difficult for car recycling companies to accept newer car models without keys.

Should My Car Be Unlocked First?

Luckily for you, scrap car removal does not require the vehicle to be unlocked before being scrapped. If a car is without a key, car recycling professionals will break the driver’s seat window and reach in, so that they could let the handbrake loose and tow the vehicle. In addition, if your car has fuel left in the tank, Vancouver scrap car removal experts will be able to pump it out without having to cut the pipe.

Does Pro Scrap Car Removal Vancouver Accept Keyless Cars?

As a versatile junk car removal agency, we are ready to scrap vehicles without keys. We will require proof of ownership anyhow because our junk car removal company strives to provide a responsible service.

If you are looking for a company that offers cash for scrap a car without keys being necessary, look no further than Pro Scrap Car Removal. Even with the extra costs of scrapping a keyless vehicle, our professional auto recyclers in Vancouver will always give you the best prices in the market.

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