Do you purchase all makes and models of vehicles?

We have no restrictions on the vehicles we purchase based on their condition. With wheels or without wheels, running or not, we purchase scrap vehicles. However, our company does not deal with RVs, although we make an exception for several motor homes. Therefore, feel free to contact our team at any time for further clarification.

How long do you take to remove the scrap cars?

Our efficiency is something that we take pride of. This is why in most cases we offer same-day services. But, based on the customer’s requirements a convenient date and time can be set up for the pickup. Either way, do keep in mind that our team at Pro Scrap Car Removalworks all 7 days of the week.

Do you have a fixed service schedule?

No we don’t. We focus on offering the best of services to our customers, therefore, we are open to pickups at any time that is convenient for you. You can contact us and let us know a time you are comfortable with.

Will it be an issue if I have lost my keys?

As long as you let our crew know on arrival, it will not be an issue at all. Our tow truck service is prepared for all these scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions on Scrap Car Removal

Does your company tow abandoned vehicles?

Yes, we do. Contact us and our team will tow away abandoned vehicles at no cost.

Are you involved in donating scrap vehicles to charity organizations?

Although we promote and empower local charities we do not donate scrap vehicles to such organizations. To add to it, beware of those parties that request for vehicles for such donations. Make it a point to always inquire into such organizations prior to donating your scrap vehicles.

Does your company sell spare parts?

No, we do not sell vehicle spare parts to the public.

Do you buy damaged vehicles or those with missing parts?

If it is complete, we do buy them. Unfortunately, if they are lacking a significant component such as the vehicle transmission or engine, we do not pay for them. However, we can still move them for you.

Do you tow vehicles from the highway?

We do. But do keep us informed when you are making a reservation with our team.

Is it mandatory to have the ownership documents of the vehicle?

As long as you have an ID issued by the government or a valid driving license, the ownership documents are not necessary.

What do you do with the scrap vehicles?

More often than not, we recycle the scrap vehicles we purchase. This is done in our main facility with high regard to the safety of the environment. But in some situations we receive donations and such vehicles may be resold based on their status. At the end of the day, we make sure that we do what is best for the environment, our customers, as well as our stakeholders.

Is it expensive to get rid of my scrap car?

Well, the good news is that it costs you nothing. As long as it is a complete vehicle with no missing major parts such as the engine, we pay you an amount for your scrap vehicle.

Why is your scrap car removal company my best option?

Open all 7 days of the week Quick and efficient services Reasonable cash for scrap cars On the spot payments Professional and friendly crew Strong eco-friendly standards Fully insured

How long does it take to receive the payment for my vehicle?

For those vehicles that we make payments, we handover cash on the spot.

Do you visit us beforehand to assess the value of the vehicle?

In most circumstances, we do not. Our team will assess the value on the spot when they arrive to take away your vehicle.

Are your service areas limited to Vancouver?

No, we offer our services in many more areas and they include North Vancouver, Langley, Abbotsford, Surrey, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Chilliwack, Mission, Burnaby, Richmond, and Fraser Valley BC.

Why should I get rid of my scrap vehicles?

The vehicles we move are often recycled and reused for a variety of purposes. Therefore, by getting rid of your scrap vehicle you would be helping someone else out rather than letting the vehicle rust on your property.

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