Before Selling Your Junk Car

15 Valuable Items to Remove Before Selling Your Junk Car

Scrap car removal is undoubtedly a profitable option, but you must not let the car recycling company just tow away the vehicle and all its parts. With a little extra effort, you can save yourself some extra cash and still make a good amount of money from scrapping as well. Junk car removal services are usually only concerned about the metal parts of your car. That does not mean you need to let go of other valuable parts that easily. So are you aware of these parts in your vehicle before selling your junk car

Being a Vancouver scrap car removal company that prioritizes your profit and convenience, we are glad to let you know about 15 important parts of your vehicle that you can remove before we tow it.

GPS System

Before you sell a car for cash, you can remove your GPS to be sold separately. If it has no malfunctions, you will be able to sell it for a couple hundred bucks. Portable GPS systems or GPS systems with defects will not bring a lot, but something is still better than nothing.

Exhaust System

Exhaust systems sell for at least 500 dollars, when being sold with a catalytic converter. An exhaust system is what keeps engine noise and smoke under control. It will be a waste to let a scrap car removal company tow away a car if it has an exhaust system that still functions well. Before selling your junk car it’s better to remove this.

Catalytic Converter

If your car was made after 1975, it must have a catalytic converter. This is a part that is made of palladium, rhodium, platinum and other such metals that carry a high value in them. Make sure you remove the catalytic converter before sending the car away to auto wreckers in Vancouver.

Windows, Doors And Electrical Parts

Replacement car parts cost quite a lot, and due to the accidents that keep escalating, they will never run out of demand. Car recycling companies will just scrap the entire vehicle without question, but you can be wise and remove the car doors, windows, and lock buttons to be sold individually.


Another valuable part you can remove before you sign up to get cash for scrap cars is the bumper. These provide protection to the vehicle from low-impact accidents and are essential components of any vehicle. Modern-day bumpers are a combination of fibreglass, plastic, steel and aluminum. Especially if your vehicle is of a new model, bumpers will fetch more money separately than through a junk car removal yard.


When recycled in Vancouver scrap car removal yards, a car battery will earn you for about 20$. But you can also refurbish it to be sold for a higher price.


If you know cars, you would know that brand-new fenders always cost a lot. This is why used fenders are in high demand. These are the gadgets that keep the wheel wells and the undercarriage of a car protected. Consider selling fenders alone before selling your junk car for an agency

Cooling System

An air-conditioning system in a working condition is a great sellable item. You can get a good price for the cooling system alone.

Air Bags

Most car owners never get in a situation where the airbags deploy. If you are one of them, consider removing the airbags and selling them individually before selling your junk car.

Rims And Tires

It is not a secret that tires and rims are literally so expensive, even in the used market. It will be downright ignorance not to sell them before you settle for car recycling.


If you own a truck, this option is for you. The prices will vary based on the model and the specifics of your truck hatch.

Audio Systems

It is a good idea to remove the audio and video systems from your vehicle prior to a junk car removal. Some cars do not come with audio/video setups, which is why your removed system will be a good catch for another car owner.

Windshield Wipers

Not the greatest money-maker, but the cash will be sufficient for a couple of gas-fills on the least.

Oil And Filters

Oil can always be repurposed and reused, while oil filters will be good to go after cleaning. You can get that done and receive some cash from any garage or car recycling place.

Anything Else

Do a thorough scan inside the vehicle before you get our Vancouver scrap car removal crew to take it away. There could be electronic devices, jewelry, emergency kits, or other gadgets you can either keep or sell.

Important: If you think it will be quite a hassle to remove and sell each of these parts, you can always count on Pro Scrap Car Removal for help. If the spare parts will be included, we are more than willing to offer extra cash for cars Vancouver. Instead of tiring yourself to try and sell each piece separately, you can get all of it done under one roof.

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