Auto Recycling Process

A to Z about Auto Recycling

We must be vigilant of our environment more and more as time goes on, because as human beings we only have planet earth to live on, so it is our sole responsibility to be conscious about the environment that we live in. On a par with human beings vehicles also play a major role on the planet. Recycling your vehicle on the right time is a must. It is interesting to know the auto recycling process.

People consider vehicles as just another member of the family giving it human-like phrases. But no matter how much you care for your vehicle there comes a time that you must let go of your vehicle. They cannot stay with us throughout our entire life because the more it gets old the more it supports environmental pollution and degradation. So it is better to go through auto recycling process process for your vehicle.

Thus many Scrap Car Removal companies are established in Vancouver as well as in other parts of the world to recycle the vehicles at the end of their useful life. According to auto recyclers, about 80% of a vehicle can be reused, this insists that almost all the materials that exist on the vehicle can be considered as advantageous. Generally, there are some particular information which is connected with auto recycling process that people should know

Auto Recycling Process Of Cars

  1. No matter the condition of your vehicle, you need to replace your old vehicle with a new one at the end of their handy life. So most of the time vehicles which are in perfectly good condition are thrown away. As a result, annually over 25 million tons of material is recycled by Scrap Car removal Companies.
  2. The most commonly recycled vehicles in the world as well as in Vancouver are passenger vehicles that are used in ordinary work.
  3. The United States and Canada takes the lead in the auto recycling process, and also it has become the 16th largest industry in the US because it supports the country’s economy and contributes $25 billion a year to the national GDP with nearly 100 000 employees.
  4. Once the car owners sell their vehicles for scrap car removal companies for cash for cars, your vehicle gets into the hands of auto recyclers and they take the maximum out of your wrecked car. It says that in Canada approximately 13 million new vehicles are manufactured using recycled steel from old vehicles.
  5. Vehicles that are no longer in use for some reason may consist of some specific fluids in them. North Americans benefit even from these fluids in the vehicles, they just make sure to recycle properly, and through that, they save around 85 million barrels of oil.
  6. Today auto recycling is a worldwide process practiced by many countries in the world. So now it has been 75 years for the International automotive recycling industry.
  7. Car removal services carefully handle the wrecked vehicles and take the best out of it. The main component of a vehicle is metal. So North America along with liquids in the vehicles also saves metals and caters to the scrap processing industry.
  8. Fluid and oil in the vehicles are drained out causing damage to the environment. But auto recyclers especially in Vancouver conscientiously recycle fluid and oil.
  9. Normally Vancouver scrap car removal companies are small-scale businesses with just ten employees.
  10. Every now and then drivers fix, upgrade or adjust something or the other in their vehicles. They willingly do whatever that is needed for their vehicle. But replacing a defective part in your vehicle with an original one cannot be done frequently due to their unreasonable prices. Thus auto recyclers take the advantage of it by supplying recycled spare parts that are in good condition for their customers in relatively small quantities as well as in large quantities.
  11. Annually from the process of scrap car removal more than 14 million tons of reused steel is produced, so it is obvious that more than 25% of a car consists of recycled spare parts.
  12. Each year, nearly 27 million expired vehicles are taken for the recycling process by auto wreckers in Vancouver.
  13. Every little thing in a vehicle cannot be reused, only 80% of it can be converted into reusable material whereas the remaining 20% are known as “auto shredder residue (ASR)”, the materials that cannot be recycled such as rubber and plastic.
  14. The whole auto recycling process started in Europe and now they have mastered it by recycling over 75% of a vehicle.
  15. Today many cars contain a significant amount of aluminum as designers have become increasingly aware of the metal’s demonstrated advantage. Thus when a vehicle is terminated 90% of its aluminum is recycled.
  16. Not only the automobile industry takes the advantage of the recycled parts of a vehicle but also it can be used in all ferrous metals in which the iron is a large percentage of the element composition and also to blast furnaces and smelters.
  17. Even 99% of the car batteries which are made out of lead can be recycled and it backs up in the construction and healthcare sectors.
  18. Even the rejected car tires are advantageous in the making of sandals and roadways.
  19. Car buyers purchase malfunctioning vehicles and reduce the mishaps that happen daily on the roads due to damaged and discarded vehicles.
  20. Today the latest and the leading recycling product is car windshields which are considered one of the most complicated recycling processes.

Accordingly, all these facts and figures imply that auto recycling process is an active and vital process happening throughout the world.

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